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YakTrax™ PRO, traction device with Velcro straps for easy attachment to footwear. Wear over the soles of shoes or boots to prevent slipping on snow & ice. Limited quantities – Order Today!

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YakTrax™ Pro, traction device.  Designed to wear over the soles of shoes or boots to prevent slipping on snow and ice during heavy activity in winter is great for outdoor work crews, walkers, runners, hikers, and delivery personnel.

The YakTrax Pro traction system with Velcro straps makes it easy to attach over the soles of shoes, boots or other types of outdoor footwear to prevent slipping on snow and ice when doing normal day-to-day activities in those icy winter months.  With its Velcro strap feature, these YakTrax Pro’s are easy to use.

The flexible rubber material, and no metal spikes, allows you to safely store these YakTrax Pro’s in a coat pocket, backpack, or purse. 

Lightweight, flexible and easy to slip on or off, the YakTrax Pro is sure to come in handy during those winter months.

(NOTE: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

Made by Implus Footcare, LLC (Manufacture Part # 10826-S)

Performance Features:

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Material
  • Velcro® Strap
  • 1.4 mm Steel Coil System
  • 360 degree Traction System
  • Wearable in As Low As -41 degrees
  • Removable Performance Strap
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