Why You May Need LED Flares

High quality LED flares are generally pretty easy to find and affordable to purchase. This makes them a great investment for both safety workers and the general public. LED flares can come in handy for a number of situations:


Search and rescue teams have an obvious need to keep a large quantity of LED flares on hand. When they are responding to an emergency in the dark, on the streets, or during weather, it is imperative to have a clear indication of the area that personnel needs to work and be safe. LED flares can alert drivers and passersby to a car accident or other catastrophe safely.


LED safety flares can also come in handy to have at your home in the event of a power outage, serving as a lantern. Additionally, if the power outage is due to an earthquake, a hurricane, or other natural disaster, you may have injuries in your party. Having LED flares ready to go will mean that first responders can see you and get to you that much faster.


Bicyclists can use LED flares as headlights when cycling at night. This is one of the best ways that cyclists can stay safe while also taking the route they prefer regardless of the weather or time of day.


Those that have a boat would be remiss without having the safety essentials on board, all of the time. This includes a fire extinguisher, safety vests, and of course, LED flares. Clearly, boat traffic in open water is far lighter than on the highway, so if you experience a system malfunction or other catastrophe offshore, LED flares can, literally, mean the difference between life and death.


Most drivers should keep a safety flare in their vehicle at all times. When driving in a desolate area at night, this will help responders or roadside assistance find you fast in the event of an accident or car break down. It can also keep you safe from other drivers that may have limited visibility in that area.


Road workers can use LED flares on top of cones and barricades during night work or if there is rain or snow. Between the lighting, the florescent colors, and reflective striping, you can never be too careful when it comes to alerting vehicles that people are working in the area.


At SafetyGear Online, we carry LED flares in both the baton and beacon shapes, as well as accessories that you may need. Shop with us to get all the gear you need to stay safe.