Why Choose the EFlare Over Other Flares?

When you need to be seen and safe while on the road or in other places, a flare is a handy and potentially life-saving tool. The EFlare offers exceptional features that make it the preferred flare to have in all the cars your family drives, in camping backpacks, and on boats. Learn more about the EFlare right here and be sure to add this item to all your safety kits.


High Visibility

The Eflare can be seen for over half a mile even in the dead of night under adverse conditions. This means that if you have an accident on a remote road, you increase your chances of being seen or if you have boat troubles in open water, safety personnel can get to you faster.



This tiny unit is just eight inches tall and weighs just one pound, making it easy to carry or stash away. Campers and hikers can easily add this to their packs without taking up too much space or making it too heavy, while resting easy that they have a handy tool to help searchers find them if they were to become injured or lost.


Easy to Use

Just by simply twisting the lens, you can turn the EFlare on and off. This means that you can confidently show your teenage driver how to use it, then know that if they are ever stranded or in an accident, they have an easy way to alert safety crews to their location and another layer of protection from other cars on the road. Plus, there’s no fire hazard or toxic fumes inherent in older type flares.



The EFlare is waterproof and dustproof, meaning it will work wherever you are, when you need it.  It can even survive some tough falls onto concrete. The EFlare will also attach other items when not in a base, such as belts, vehicles, cones, or signs.


When you want to purchase the EFlare and other safety items for work or personal use, Safety Gear Online has you covered. We carry a comprehensive line of safety gear, from rain gear to road signs, and we do so at competitive prices.