How High Visibility Jackets Help With Construction Job-Sites

According to OSHA reports and surveys, as many as 6.5 million people are employed part time or full time at more than 252,000 construction sites across the nation every day. The fatal injury rate for job-sites in the construction industry is much higher than the national average seen in most other industries. This high risk and rate for injury and accidents is why high visibility jackets, vests, and uniforms are so important to maintaining a safe working environment.


Potential hazards for workers in construction on the job site include:

  • Falls from heights off of work site or equipment
  • Trench collapse due to poor construction
  • Scaffold collapse from improper construction and usage
  • Electric shock and arc blast from equipment
  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  • Injuries as a result of repetitive motions


For the construction industry, these are the 9 OSHA standards that are most frequently listed violations that the agency lists in its yearly citations:

  • Scaffolding: improper construction, maintenance, and operations
  • Fall protection: lack of safety protocols for protecting against falls
  • Excavations: upholding general requirements and procedures to oversee sites
  • Head protection: vital for safety and regulation upholding status
  • Excavations: requirements for protective systems and procedures
  • Hazard communication: letting workers know risks on the job site
  • Training requirements: not upholding proper training regiments and records
  • Construction: failing at general safety protocols and health provisions and guides
  • Electrical: improper wiring methods, faulty design, and improper protection


Don’t let safety slip right past you when you’re on the job. Whether it’s wearing high visibility jackets to make sure you’re being seen, or taking the right precautions in communicating possible risks with your fellow workers, it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the work site is safe for everyone working there. Many different things can help with this and one of the most effective is a combination of better training and safety equipment like high visibility jackets and other pieces of equipment.