Why Fall Protection D-Rings are Essential for Fall Arrest System

Fall protection D-Rings are important elements in every harness. The harnesses are made up of several components, and each one plays an important role. To better understand and feel more comfortable using a harness, it is good to know how fall protection D-Rings work, how other system components work and how they work together to be a sturdy source of fall protection.


Locations and Functions of D-Rings

A D-Ring in the back or center of the harness is the only point of connection for the fall arrest. When the rings are located on the side of the harness, they are used for positioning of applications. Side rings are commonly used when the worker must have his or her hands free for a task. D-Rings on the shoulder are used for workers to lower themselves into tighter or smaller spaces. When D-Rings are used on the chest, they are essential for work point positioning. For example, they may be used on the chest when a person climbs a tall ladder and has to stay in position.


Why Quality D-Rings Are Essential

Regardless of where they are positioned in system, D-Rings are essential for fall protection and must be durable enough to stand up to the challenge. They must be able to support straps that place considerable pressure from varying weights. The buckles and hooks used for these systems also work to help support the weight. Good fall protection D-Rings should always be purchased from a reliable company, and the products should be tested. It is important to ensure the harness with the D-Rings or replacement D-Rings are designed to support the desired amount of weight. Always be sure to purchase the right location type of D-Rings for any harnesses that need replacement fall protection D-Rings.


When buying fall protection D-Rings, make sure they are the right size for the straps in a harness. Damaged rings should always be replaced immediately to protect the safety of workers. For the best quality and quick shipping, use SafetyGearOnline.com to find replacement fall protection D-Rings and a variety of fall arrest systems.