Incident Command Vests: Who Uses Them and Why

A number of safety professionals consider incident command vests an essential component of their work uniform, not only to indicate that they have a distinctive role in safety, but also for their own protection. Incident command vests are ideal for helping a crowd recognize certain individuals as personnel they can turn to for assistance or count on for safety. The features on these vests can also help ensure that passing cars will see you and yield.


School Safety Patrol

For the school safety patrol team, incident command vests are a must-have. First and foremost, it is essential that passing vehicles recognize your presence and stop as you make the pathway safe for students. Your incident command vest has immediate recognition to drivers, keeping you safe and helping you do your job most effectively.


Road Crews

Whether you’re picking up recyclables and trash as a volunteer or you work with a construction crew in a high traffic area, you’ll want to be sure to wear an incident command vest to avoid any injuries. These vests will make you visible to cars on the road and to your fellow workers. If you are hurt or some other catastrophe ensures, you’ll be easy to spot.


Fire & Emergency Personnel

First responders put themselves directly in harm’s way when an accident occurs. Whether they need to provide medical attention to an individual in a crowd or need to assess an accident on the road, it is important that they be visible and immediately recognizable to everyone in the vicinity, including those that need help, other workers, and onlookers. With incident command vests, this can be accomplished. Featuring bright colors that stand out and features, such as reflective striping and organization title additions, the expertise and purpose of the wearer is immediately evident. is proud to offer a wide selection of high quality and reasonably priced incident command vests to help your team do its job.