Reflective Shirts: Who Should Wear Them?

When you think of reflective safety clothing, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a brightly colored vest or jacket with reflective striping. While these are some of the more commonly used forms of reflective gear, there are many other options available; reflective shirts being one of them.


Reflective shirts are shirts that are made of brightly colored fabrics and feature some type of reflective material on them. When worn, these shirts make an individual much more visible, which can greatly reduce the risk of being injured — especially if the wearer is in close contact with traffic.


Who would benefit from wearing these types of shirts? Here are just a few people who should have reflective shirts in their wardrobe.


Construction Workers

As a construction worker, vehicles are a part of the job. Whether you’re working in a low- or high-traffic area, reflective shirts can make you more visible to traffic. Plus, since they’re more lightweight than jackets or coats, they are much cooler to wear, which is a big benefit if you are working in a hot climate.



Emergency medical technicians often work amongst traffic; however, those reflective vests and jackets can be big and bulky; not to mention the fact that they can be hot. A reflective shirt is less constricting and allows for greater movement, and they are a much more comfortable option on hot days.


Police Officials

Police officers can also benefit from wearing reflective shirts. Whether you’re patrolling on bike or by foot, it will be much easier for traffic to see you if you are wearing a shirt that reflects light.


Runners, Walkers, and Bikers

If you participate in physical activities where you are near traffic, a reflective shirt is a must. They are lightweight and easy to move in, but most importantly, they may you more visible.