When Do Workers Need Disposable Face Masks?

Disposable face masks are an essential component of the gear required by many types of workers. In most situations and professions, disposable face masks are preferred, as they can simply be tossed after use. This is strongly considered the safest means of protection before, during, and after use for both the worker and others they may serve. Let’s consider scenarios in which workers are best served by the use of disposable face masks.


Nurses & Home Care Professionals

There are two general reasons that health care providers may want to use disposable face masks. One, the mask can be used to protect themselves when treating and caring for an individual that may carry airborne pathogens or a potentially contagious disease. Two, the caregiver may have a cold or other mild symptoms that does not prevent them from working, but may be hazardous for the patient. This may be the case when caring for premature babies, the elderly, or others with compromised immune systems.


First Responders

Often, fire fighters and other first responders head straight to the heart of danger and while fire professionals will have full protective gear, medical specialists may not. If they are near the fire or smoke, it may be best that they wear disposable face masks to protect themselves. Additionally, EMTs or police may need to have disposable face masks available when entering homes in the event that there is an overabundance of dust, debris, pet dander, or other potential allergens.  Furthermore, depending on the nature of the incident, a face mask should be available if there is a potential for airborne pathogens.


Construction Workers

Carpenters, masons, and others that work in conditions that cause a lot of dust and debris to fill their air would be best served by wearing disposable face masks to minimize breathing in potentially dangerous particles. For instance, carpenters who are in the cutting stages using a saw may have a lot of sawdust floating around that they will not want to inhale. Likewise, stone masons and bricklayers may have to cut brick or mix mortar, causing another dusty situation. Plumbers may even choose to wear disposable face masks when doing pipe work if the fumes become too noxious. Virtually any type of construction worker will want to wear a face mask during any kind of demolition project.


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