What to Look For in Touch Screen Work Gloves

Many manufacturing workers, outdoor workers, road crews, and others not only have to work in rugged conditions, they also have to deal with technology in the course of their daily operations. Many who may have described themselves as manual laborers are now finding themselves working with tablets and computers with touch screens. This can be a problem for those that need hand protection, but the solution can be found in the latest touch screen work gloves.


High Visibility Touch Screen Work Gloves

West Chester, a highly recommended brand, carries touch screen work gloves that are made from nylon and spandex with a polyurethane coating in a high visibility fluorescent color. This seamless knit glove is not only compatible with touch screens that you’ll use on the job site, but is also comfortable to wear and withstands a machine washing. You’ll appreciate the flexibility and comfort that these touch screen gloves afford workers that need to effectively work with their hands while also utilizing touch screen technology.


HPPE Touch Screen Work Gloves

Those that work with glass handling or sheet metal will need HPPE gloves and Safety Gear Online carries the West Chester PosiGrip touch screen work gloves that will help you move seamlessly from the production lines to the computer without removing your gloves. These gloves are ten times stronger than steel, and function perfectly in all conditions. When you want to know you’re working safe and smart—these are the touch screen work gloves you need.


If your job requires gloves, but has gone the way of touch screen technology, you can take a moment to itemize what you love about the gloves you wear and find a touch screen compatible product. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort and functionality for new innovations.


SafetyGear Online is dedicated to carrying the products that real workers need to thrive in both rugged working conditions as well as an ever-growing technological environment. That’s why we carry the West Chester touch screen work gloves that are widely preferred by industry professionals everywhere. Because we carry a full suite of safety products that have been uniquely designed for tough workers, we have a thorough understand of what you expect—and often, demand—from your gear. Count on us to deliver only the very best, every time.