Wear a Reflective Running Vest & Other Safety Tips for Runners

Walking, jogging, and running are all great ways to improve your physical fitness. Not only are they free and easy to work into any schedule, you can tailor your activities to meet your current physical condition and achieve your goals. With just a good pair of athletic shoes and a reflective running vest, you’re ready to stay fit in the great outdoors. However, runners that schedule early morning, dusk, or nightly running times will want to factor in additional safety measures.


Location Safety

You’ll want to choose a running location that offers familiarity. The last thing you want is to be lost or traveling unfamiliar territory as the sun goes down. Additionally, you should always leave a note or tell a loved one where and when you plan to be running, or better yet, take a friend along.


Traffic Safety

Even if you are not running in 100% darkness, it’s wise to wear a reflective running vest. The Nite Ize LED reflective sport vest is an ideal choice, offering not only the reflective strip to alert vehicles of your presence, but it’s also lightweight and breathable, so as not to impede your exercise.


Remember, always run against traffic so that you can see oncoming vehicles and take appropriate distance.


Other Tips

Headphones are great for the gym, but you may want to reconsider wearing them while running, particularly at night. Loud music will block the sound of oncoming cars or people, and you’ll want to stay aware of your surroundings at all times.


Another great idea is to make sure you have identification on you. Heat stroke or injury can come when you least expect it, so make sure medical personnel can easily find out your name and any pertinent medical information.


SafetyGear Online takes personal safety seriously. That’s why we offer top notch safety equipment for both work and personal use. We encourage all runners to stay safe and make sure you have a reflective running vest to wear when you’re out in less than sunny conditions. If you have questions about sports safety items, contact us at (800) 429-0954