Volunteer Organizations Benefit from Incident Command Vests

If you work with a charity or volunteer organization that hosts or participates in public events, incident command vests can help your group members stand out. Incident command vests come in a variety of colors and feature pockets where name badges or logos can be placed. This makes the vests ideal for quick identification in public environments.


Incident command vests are intended to help organize teams during disaster relief and recovery efforts, but their highly visible design and variety of color options make them a great tool for small volunteer groups or organizations. A vest can easily be put on over any outfit and immediately make a volunteer easy to identify. This is helpful if you need members of your team to answer questions, direct traffic, take tickets, or any other action that requires the public’s attention.


An incident command vest can help your group even if you’re not participating in a large event. For example, an incident command vest can be used when conducting a sidewalk survey. Often during these surveys multiple individuals are placed in various busy locations. By having a consistent appearance, pedestrians can easily see other group members as they walk through the city. This can help you group look more organized and professional.


Every volunteer group is different and the versatility of colors makes incident command vests a smart choice for any organization. You can choose a color that compliments your group’s logo, or just choose a unique color that won’t be confused with emergency or maintenance personnel at an event. The reflective strips on each vest make them practical for outdoor use near roadways, where visibility is a high priority. They can even be worn by volunteers helping to park cars or taking donations at traffic intersections.


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