Using a Reflective Running Vest for Safer Outdoor Exercise

Staying active and working out should be a priority for everyone, but when you take to the streets to get your exercise, you are also at risk from drivers. A reflective running vest is a crucial part of your safety gear when the outdoors is your gym. 


Our X-Training vest is ideal for a variety of sports. With its lightweight reflective material, this reflective running vest is great for runners, walkers, and cyclists alike. Lime reflectors help give the vest a modern edge. We also offer a Multi-Sport vest which uses reflectors to establish a fun and functional wardrobe.

Women now have their own reflective running vests in stylish white with white reflection. Designed to be light and comfortable, the tapered women’s running vest is easy to wear over other sports apparel.  When you’re working out in the evening or at night, the reflective surface of the women’s running vest can save your life.


Perhaps our most interesting reflective running vest is our LED Reflective Sport model. Instead of simply relying on reflecting light, the LED vest supplies its own. With a batter pack powering LED strips on the front and back of the vest, you can be sure to be seen even on the darkest nights. The LED strips are flexible, lightweight, and shock resistant so they will not interfere with your workout or stop working when you need them most.


We also carry sport vests for cyclists and motorcyclists who want to ensure their safety in the world of sports cars and sport utility vehicles. Our child sized safety vests are excellent for when children are playing or practicing a sport outdoors during low light conditions. With cut-out, iron on reflector material, the child can personalize their vest. Their medical I.D. can be permanently sewn into the fabric as well.


The reflective running vest is important to ensuring your safety after the sun goes down. Whether you’re running, cycling, walking, or taking your off-road vehicle for a spin, these reflective vests are an affordable and indispensable part of your exercise regimen. Browse our selection of reflective running vest options today at