The Importance of a Traffic Safety Vest in the Summer

In many states, summer is the time of year when many families go on vacations. With children and young adults being out of school, there are usually a few more cars on the road. Coincidentally, particularly in the more northern states, summer and “construction” are interchangeable terms for the name of the season. Now that the ice melt is off the roads and it is warm enough to work outside, highways and interstates are lined with bright orange cones and other road signs that tend to draw the ire of drivers. Bothersome as it may be to some, construction and traffic control are necessary to ensure roads are safe to drive. Being involved in the traffic control industry, you’re familiar with the importance of safety. You take all necessary precautions and wear your traffic safety vest  as you direct drivers to their destinations.


With the varying degrees of traffic and types of drivers on the road, it’s important to be easily spotted. High visibility vests are absolute necessities for traffic controllers. A traffic safety vest is one of the first things to catch a driver’s eyes when looking around for an explanation of slow moving traffic or new traffic patterns. Imagine the potential ramifications if you were not so readily visible. With more and more incidents related to distracted driving, anything that can draw attention back to where it should be focused is worth investing in.


When looking for a traffic safety vest, it’s important to consider where you’ll be working. You’ll want to ensure your vest meets necessary ANSI certifications for the appropriate occasion. What sort of traffic speeds you are working near will determine what vest will be the right one. As one moves across the different classes of ANSI approved vests, things such as reflective surface area increase respectively. As stated before, visibility is key, so all of these vests are brightly colored to ensure you are not invisible out there!


No matter what sort of traffic you are directing, we have the vest to suit your needs. Whether you need one or you need to buy in bulk, we can handle your order! Browse our selection at!