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  1. E-Flare EF350 - Red
    E-Flare (Compact Size)
    SKU: EF350-R-Red / EF350-A-Amber
    As Low As $51.98
  2. eFlare Rubber Base
    E-Flare Rubber Base
    As low as $10.18
  3. E-Flare and Magnetic Clip (E-FLARE SOLD SEPARATE)
    E-Flare Magnetic Clip
    As low as $30.65
  4. Flare Alert Beacon
    Flare Alert Beacon
    SKU: YB-Amber/RB-Red
    As Low As $18.39
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Roadside flares are an excellent way catch the attention of oncoming traffic to alert them that they need to proceed with caution. However, normal flares come with some disadvantages: They are a fire hazard, they can only be used once, and you really can't position them anywhere other than a flat surface. Some of these concerns are not true about LED flares. LED traffic flares offer you a great deal of versatility in terms of both roadside and recreational safety.

LED flares are more environmentally friendly than strike-anywhere flares as they don't burn off any material. In addition, since they are reusable, they do not leave behind any residue. Since they do not emit a flame, you can place them in many different locations, which makes LED traffic flares an invaluable safety item in case you are lost outdoors and trying to signal to rescue parties. This includes attaching the electronic roadside flare to a belt clasp so that you can be illuminated while you move around a job site, or while you are directing traffic. Other practical applications include: Emergency service personnel, military, industrial, automotive, marine, aviation, and other recreational uses.