Traffic Control

Everything you need to help control and direct traffic including LED Traffic Wands, Reflective and Non-Reflective Hand Held Stop Signs, LED Flares, Barricade Tape, Marking Flags and more!

Traffic Control Safety Equipment

When you shop for traffic gear at SafetyGear Online, you’ll find everything you need for clear traffic control at events, schools, churches, and more. Take a look above for practical traffic safety equipment including LED traffic wands, reflective and non-reflective handheld stop signs, LED flares, barricade tape, and more.

The Importance of Traffic Control Equipment

Nighttime roadwork is one of the most dangerous times to work. Our traffic safety products and equipment can help you avoid any accidents in low-light conditions. In order to establish a safe traffic flow around your site at night, you need special equipment because normal signage is not clear enough for drivers. SafetyGear Online offers traffic safety equipment designed to enhance visibility during the day or night. Browse our selection of traffic safety products, including illuminated traffic beacons, reflective clothing, and more to keep your team safe.  

Handheld Stop Signs 

It’s not hard to make or purchase a handheld stop sign, but the ones you’ll find at SafetyGear Online are reflective for high visibility in low-light conditions, reversible, and made to regulation designs to be official and clear as possible for all who drive by. Take a look at our traffic safety equipment for double-sided stop signs or stop/slow indicators in multiple regulation sizes to effectively control traffic flow. We offer both 18-inch signs and 24-inch signs to help you regulate road crossings or flag vehicles around a work site. 

Caution Tape

Caution and danger tape are used to alert someone to a danger before they enter an area or to bar access without permission. Five examples when to use caution tape are as follows:

1) To be used as a visible warning.

2) To be used to keep unauthorized people out of the hazardous work area.

3) To be hung from low hanging hazards to draw one’s attention to it.

4) To establish jobsite perimeters, dangerous construction zones, and holes made by excavation machinery.

5) To keep pedestrians away from certain areas of sidewalk.

You can purchase heavy-duty rolls of caution tape labeled in English or Spanish to quickly cordon off large areas from the public. Shop online now for great prices on our high contrast yellow and black tape.

Traffic Batons

Why traffic batons? Well, they are essential in low-light situations to make sure pedestrians and drivers are safe navigating a road construction zone, an emergency incident, sporting event, and much more. Traffic batons are key instruments for safety, low-light guidance, and to counteract congestion of people or vehicles. The point being is traffic batons are very versatile and should be kept in every vehicle and job-site.

SafetyGear Online customers appreciate our illuminated traffic batons for two main reasons. First, using regular signs during nighttime road work often isn’t enough to catch drivers’ attention on a dark, winding road or large street with lots of traffic signage. Handheld batons are much more obvious—even from a distance or in poor weather conditions—when the traffic control specialist is waving them to direct the flow of cars and trucks. 

The second most popular use for traffic batons is at public events, especially to direct foot traffic or parking in the evening after a sporting event, fair, or other after-dark activity. Drivers and pedestrians can get confused in large, often temporary, parking setups, so keeping the situation organized falls to the traffic safety team. Using lighted traffic batons to streamline traffic and organize parking will help keep the chaos to a minimum as everyone arrives or departs from the venue. 

LED Flares

Their incredibly long life and environmentally friendly design make LED lights a reliable choice for traffic alerts and emergency signals that are far safer than single-use road flares. From emergency first responders to casual road trippers, everyone should have a few mobile LED lights on hand. Shop SafetyGear Online’s selection of LED flares to keep your site safe.

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