Cold Weather Worries for Workers: Thermal Work Gloves & Other Precautions

Those who work outdoors, such as road crew or construction workers have one more layer of job stress than others who have indoor professions, that being weather. Hot weather comes with concerns over dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn. Cold weather issues include frostbite, hypothermia, and chilblains from not having thermal work gloves or the appropriate attire. Here are some ways that workers can protect themselves during the winter months by taking some simple, common sense precautions as winter approaches.


Protective Apparel

Warming the core of your body is essential, as is protecting your hands and feet with thermal work gloves and insulated boots. First, layer tops and bottoms as this will offer better insulation than one thick layer. Keep it loose to provide better circulation and natural warmth.


Boots should be insulated and waterproof. An extremity submerged in water will lose heat up to 25% faster that in the cold air. A condition called trench foot can advance quickly for workers who have wet boots.


Thermal work gloves are a given. Fingers are one of the most common areas for frostbite to strike as circulating blood leaves the area. Choose thermal work gloves that are waterproof, have reflective safety strips, and the right type of wrist closure. Some thermal work gloves feature a fleece lining for additional warmth, while others use different materials to enhance dexterity. Choose the right thermal gloves for the type of work you perform.


Work Strategically

If you run a crew, you may want to consider altering work hours during the cold season to get the most production during the warmest parts of the day. When you take a break, move to a warmer area and be sure to drink warm liquids.


Additional Precautions

It’s a good idea for all members of an outdoor crew to keep an eye on one another and have all the right first aid on hand in case there is a cold weather situation. The faster frostbite or hypothermia is recognized and treated, the better the outcome.


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