Ensuring Your Workers Are Outfitted With the Right Safety Gear on the Job

Safety managers have a duty to ensure that all workers under their watch are kept safe at all times while on the job. It really is the number one task of such an important job. And part of making sure that workers are safe is ensuring that they are outfitted with the appropriate safety gear. In addition to making sure that the work environment employees are in is a safe one, they also need to be wearing gear that keeps them safe from flying objects, and also keeps them visible to passing motorists. Here are some tips to ensure the gear workers are wearing fits the bill.


The first thing that safety managers need to do is constantly evaluate workers on the job, and make sure that they’re using and wearing the right equipment and gear. Potential hazards in the workplace can be amplified by merely standing back and watching from the sidelines. Are the workers wearing hard hats? Are they wearing hi vis T-shirts while working on the side of the road? Thorough evaluations will give you this valuable information.


Safety managers should also make sure that all safety equipment and gear is regularly updated. If they’re old and damaged, they won’t perform well compared to new equipment. All hats, goggles, gloves, vests, masks, and so on must be entirely free of damage.


Another thing that safety managers can do to make sure workers are outfitted with proper safety gear is to train them. Employees need to understand how such equipment and gear should be worn and used. It’s also a good idea to retrain employees and refresh their memories on how such gear should be used. Putting all workers through ongoing training throughout the duration of their careers will keep safety guidelines top of mind.