The Parts of a Fall Protection System

There are many important tools on any construction site. However, for those who complete work off the ground, the most important tool is the fall protection system. A fall protection system is designed to keep workers safe, preventing falls or minimizing the distance of a fall. While these systems have saved countless lives, they must be used correctly in order to be effective. Therefore, before using protective equipment, it is essential to understand what the parts are and how those parts ensure worker safety.


The main component of a fall protection system is the harness. There are different types of harnesses, depending on the specific needs on the worksite. No matter which type of harness is being used, it will be attached around the body. Most harnesses will include shoulder and leg straps, but others may also include chest and waist straps for additional protection. The harness will then be attached to additional equipment in order to prevent a fall.


As important as the harness is, it is useless without attachments. In particular, the d-ring is regarded as one of the most critical parts of any system. These rings are usually placed on the back of the harness. This d-ring is the key connection point between the harness and other gear. Because of this, the d-ring must be designed to withstand a great deal of force. This is why the d-ring is made from sturdy, thick metal. Some harnesses will have additional d-rings in other locations in order to spread out the force in the event of any fall.


Fall protection lanyards are connecting devices. With fall protection lanyards, it is possible to connect the d-ring to the rest of the safety cables. Fall protection lanyards can serve a dual purpose on the worksite, arresting falls or keeping workers in place. Depending on the nature of the worksite, fall protection lanyards can be made from a variety of fabrics. It is important to pick fall protection lanyards that are made to endure the right amount of force for the worksite in question. Lanyards are attached to the d-ring after the harness is already secured to the worker.


All parts of a fall protection system are essential to the overall safety of every worker. In addition to harnesses, d-rings and fall protection lanyards, there are additional connectors, anchorages and more that should be used to keep workers safe at any height.