The Job of a Land Survey

Simply put, a land surveyor works to determine property boundaries in order to create accurate maps and survey plots, which are used for a vast range of purposes. Accurate land surveying is critical for developers looking to build new housing units or a commercial outlet. Land surveys are also used by utility companies, lawyers, real estate professionals, and many others. The importance of this job really cannot be understated.

A Day in the Life

As you put on your special surveyor’s vest and head out for the day, you can expect virtually any number of scenarios to play out. Your job will typically consist of measuring property and pieces of land to establish and record boundaries. This information must be accurate and will be used to help contractors and road crews determine where buildings and roads can be built or it may be used to settle land disputes as well as other purposes. That’s why the role of the land surveyor is so critical—your findings can determine a much larger outcome on which others have a vested stake.

While some of the land surveyor’s job is done via computer in the form of research and data, much of the job takes place outdoors. This means that certain safety gear and convenience wear, such as the surveyor’s vest must be worn. A proper surveyor’s vest will not only have the appropriate pockets and enclosures to help you enjoy easy access to the tools of the trade, it will also help alert others to your presence. The surveyor’s vest is also immediately recognizable, which means that others working in the area will observe that you are there with a professional purpose.

Additionally, because much of this work is outdoors, you’ll be subject to the climate. You may need a surveyor’s vest that accommodates the climate in which you work or perhaps several to change at the seasons. Other tools may include a flashlight, work boots, sun protection gear, rain gear, and more.


Job Outlook

If you have a proclivity towards logical thinking and you tend to be detail-oriented, you may be ready to get the necessary education to be a land surveyor. The good news is that this field is expected to grow in the coming years and typically offers a competitive salary.


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