The Cutting Edge of Safety and Style with Edge Safety Glasses

The human eye is one of the most sensitive, yet exposed, parts of the body. It serves a crucial role, particularly on dangerous worksites, such as highway traffic control and construction, which require keen vision. Protecting your eyes is an absolute necessity on the job. When it comes to safety, fashion can certainly take a back seat; however, recent trends in safety gear have leaned towards more aesthetically pleasing styles. These styles mimic every day clothing and eyewear, while retaining their primary focus on function. Edge safety glasses are one such example of stylishly safe selections.


Think of all the things you have to carefully observe: Oncoming traffic, large construction vehicles and stray materials. Now, think on a smaller level. Debris, tiny wood and metal pieces, dust, gusts of wind and even the sun can all cause moderate to severe damage to those much needed eyes. You have to protect your eyes from the little things to prevent catastrophic mishaps with the larger ones. Wearing Edge safety glasses helps keep unwanted intruders from entering your eyes, shields them from the wind and even blocks out the sun’s harmful UV rays. Prevention is key. Regardless of how weak or strong your eyes are, you cannot see into the future. Hindsight is 20/20. It’s best to be protected and prepared then look back on an avoidable mishap.


You can clearly see the benefit in protecting your eyes, but let’s talk about how you’ll look in them now. As humans, we are drawn to nice-looking things, even if appearances are a bit trivial in the bigger picture. We do not claim to be fashions gurus; however, Edge safety glasses are both fashionable and functional in and on the eyes of any beholder.  What’s nice about these glasses aside from looking good on the job is that you can wear them elsewhere without them looking like “work glasses”.


If your work involves a potential risk to your eyes, you need to stay protected.  If looking good while protecting the things that let you look is an option, why not make it happen? Take a look at the various styles of Edge safety glasses we have available today!