Sunscreen Towelettes to Keep Your Group Protected Anytime, Anywhere

With people becoming more aware of the dangers posed by increased sun exposure, many are taking greater precautions before heading out during warmer, sunnier months. This is particularly true for construction workers and other professionals who work in direct sunlight all day. This is also a concern for camp workers, daycare providers, and others.


Typically, it is recommended that sunscreen is applied a before heading out into the day, and this is a rule that is pretty easy to follow. But what happens when a few hours go by and your skin is dampened by perspiration or water? How many of us really reapply sunscreen effectively, if at all?


Make it easy with sunscreen towelettes! These are individually-wrapped for a quick reapplication anytime you need it. Construction and highway workers can keep a few sunscreen towelettes in their pocket or lunchbox to make sure they get the sun protection they need all day long. Foremen and crew chiefs can show they care about their employees by keeping a stash at the job site and handing them out over the course of the day.


Another great use for these sunscreen towelettes is for camp workers and childcare providers. Since you may not be 100% certain that the kids are covered in the right SPH when they arrive, hand out these easy-to-use applicators and prevent an unpleasant burn. Kids and parents will thank you! If you have a full day of outdoor activities, you’ll want to use the sunscreen towelettes for a mid-day reapplication as well.


Sold in boxes with 100 items, you can plan accordingly to be sure you have sunscreen towelettes available anytime you need them. Even families will want to keep a few in the diaper bag, glove box, or mom’s purse!


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