Staying Safe With Safety Jackets: Why Have High Visibility on the Jobsite?

High visibility on the jobsite is a requirement by OSHA for safety standards. ANSI then dictates the amount of visibility required for each type of job. However, there are a few key reasons why safety clothing is important.


Safetysafety jackets are optimal in keeping employees visible when on the jobsite. When in an area that might have drivers going speeds of more than 25MPH it is necessary to see where each employee is at all times. This is especially helpful as the driver can see other coworkers out of their peripheral vision without having to deviate from their work. Taking the time to outfit based on safety is a huge reason to have high visibility garments on the jobsite.

Knowing who is on the Jobsite – When wearing hi vis clothing, it can help all workers by identifying who is supposed to be on the jobsite. This is where having reflective clothing can be helpful in an emergency if pedestrians or other non-employees are on the worksite. It may be necessary to quickly locate all workers and safety jackets can be the perfect solution.

Worksite Access – Many workers are sent to new jobsites daily. Having hi vis clothing can help direct these workers to the area of their interest. It can also help in situations where passersby need to locate a pull-off or exit from the street. This clothing can help direct the vision of the driver to the area of most caution when operating a vehicle. Delivery trucks can also be lead to the area of distribution as an indicator of work in progress.

Marketing – Finally, it can be a great opportunity for companies to market their service/product on safety clothing. Providing marketing on gear is not only a great idea for the public to know about your product/service, but it also helps workers identify their own project workers. Placing a logo on a safety jacket gives many benefits to both the employer, as well as the worker.


Consider safety jackets a necessity when it comes to job site clothing. Not only is it required by law, but they can provide practical benefits to the company and the employees.