Stay Visible Without Breaking a Sweat

It can be worrisome to work in low visibility weather conditions, particularly in the cold. Winter time makes for difficult operating conditions in a number of ways, but there are steps that can be taken to alleviate the tension of such a situation. One such step is wearing high visibility clothing, which is fortunately available in a number of styles beyond your standard vest. While a safety vest would certainly make one more visible, it most likely will not keep one warm. Alternative solutions such as high visibility sweatshirts, jackets and pants, as well as fleece-lined vests serve dual purposes, adequately keeping one warm and easily-seen all at once.


Winter time high visibility clothing can be particularly useful for those that require a degree of mobility. High visibility sweatshirts are almost identical to those worn for everyday use, save for their fluorescent colors and strips of reflective material. Rather than wearing a thick coat with a vest on top, or multiple layers of clothing, one can benefit from the warm, yet unrestrictive functionality of a sweatshirt. Prices on such sweatshirts are comparable to their non hi-vis counterparts, which make them a smart, cost-effective solution for those requiring high visibility in their workplaces.


High visibility clothing isn’t only for cold weather applications. There are t-shirts and the standard vests that one often sees highway workers and traffic controllers wearing. Such garments allow one to keep a bit cooler during warmer weather seasons. Mesh vests in particular are very lightweight while still adhering to ANSI standards. Rain gear, like ponchos, protect one from the typical risks associated with one’s job like most other high visibility items, but also keep one better protected against the elements.


Though you may have a difficult or strenuous career, the only sweat on your brow should be that from that hard work you’ve completed. Staying safe, but comfortable in any climate should not have to cause you additional concern. Give yourself some comfort and peace of mind by letting that high visibility clothing do some of the heavy lifting for you. Don’t break a sweat. You’re safe now.