Stay Cool on the Job with a Miracool Bandana & Other Tips

Stay Cool on the Job with a Miracool Bandana & Other Tips

Heatstroke and dehydration are very real concerns for workers that perform outdoors in the summer heat. Not only do the higher temperatures pose a risk, the beating sun can be relentless as well. Staying cool and hydrated is essential to work safely and may help you work more effectively as well.


Tools for Staying Cool

One great piece of hot weather gear is the Miracool bandana. The Miracool bandana uses polymer crystals to retain water and cool your body. You can simply soak the Miracool bandana in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes (try keeping it in a cooler as you work in the morning when the sun is lower), then tie it around your neck when you feel your core temperature rising. With innovative materials and construction, the Miracool bandana will keep you cool for hours on end and will stay hydrated for days.

Another great tool is a high performance fan. These heavy duty versions work well on the job site and are made to withstand in rugged conditions.

Your clothes are another tool you can use to stay cool. Choose clothes that provide proper coverage, while also being breathable and lightweight. The right clothing made from the right materials can actually improve ventilation and help you work more effectively in the warmer weather.


Other Ways to Keep Your Cool

Once you have the right gear and apparel, including a Miracool bandana, you can take a few more measures to stay healthy in the heat. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Be sure to keep plenty of bottled water on ice at the job site or a thermos filled with water. When you’re working in the heat, you’ll also want to cut back on caffeine at break times.


On a final note, be sure to pay attention to your body. If you start feeling lightheaded or stop sweating, take a break in a cooler location. You’re no good to anyone when heat exhaustion settles in, and it can seriously knock you out for a few days. Shop for a Miracool bandana and warm weather gear at and work smart in the heat!