Stand Out in the Rain Wearing High Visibility Rain Gear

Have you ever noticed that when the sun is hiding behind thick, grey clouds, everything is filtered in greyscale and loses definition due to the darkness? Under a heavy rainfall, the already greyed out landscape looks like it’s underwater. We’ve all been caught in the rain under similar conditions. As a pedestrian, these conditions are less than desirable. As a crew worker of any sort, it’s even worse. You have to worry about seeing and being seen, all while trying to stay relatively dry and warm. A simple umbrella, jacket or poncho won’t do. Such conditions require high visibility rain gear.


Working outside can have its benefits; however, with those benefits comes exposure to the elements. Fortunately, there are ways to separate and protect your body from those elements. When dealing with rain, the obvious aim is to avoid getting drenched and all of the subsequent unpleasant side-effects of getting wet. Wearing high visibility rain gear is a simple way to place a layer of protection in between yourself and Mother Nature. Rain gear is usually lightweight, yet warm and waterproof. Aside from keeping your body and clothes dry, a waterproof work jacket will help you keep any personal belongings you may be carrying with you dry. This can be particularly important if you have directions or a list with you, or even lunch money! Rain gear is often sold as separates or a suit, as opposed to a simple poncho, so they feel more like a normal layer of clothing.


High visibility rain gear does more than just keep you dry. It helps you stand out as you’re standing out in the rain. This can prove very useful for anyone working in or around moving traffic. A sudden storm will quickly reduce a driver’s view of the road, no matter how vehemently those wipers are working. Wearing brightly colored rain jackets are a great way to call necessary attention to yourself on the road, similar to a highlighted passage in a textbook.


Don’t be caught standing in the rain without your gear! Take a look at our selection of high visibility rain gear and keep yourself warm, dry, and visible next time you’re working in the weather!