Spring and Summer Outdoor Safety with High Visibility Jackets

Around the country, the weather is finally breaking and spring and summer is providing it’s much needed and wanted warmth. With the change in season comes another busy season of road work. Winter seems to wreak havoc every year, especially to the roads, causing potholes and other issues that require patching and fixing. Crews are often out at all hours of the day, commonly when others are commuted to and from work.

To stay safe, it’s important for your workers to wear high visibility jackets, to ensure their safety. High visibility jackets aren’t only important for those with a construction career, but also for a variety of other outdoor activities. Below are a few warmer weather situations where high visibility jackets can greatly improve your overall safety.



Running is an extremely popular form of exercise in the United States and around the world. Not everyone has the same running schedule, and you might often have to run before the sun comes up, which provides little visibility to passing motorists. High visibility jackets make you known to oncoming vehicles so you can remain safe during your favorite activity. We also carry high visibility rain jackets so you don’t have to worry about running in the rain.



Much like running, high visibility jackets can ensure motorists see you when you’re out enjoying the world on your bike.


Festival Parking:

Summer brings a lot of fun events to town. If you work at a fairground or other venue and have the duty of parking cars, high visibility jackets are highly recommended. Not only will these jackets let you be seen, but also help others recognize that you work at the entertainment site.


Roadside Working Conditions:

High visibility jackets are ideal for roadside working conditions. Whether it’s cold outside or just a crisp spring morning, SafetyGearOnline.com has a large selection of high visibility jackets for each season. These garments can ensure you’re seen while performing roadside work. High visibility jackets can increase your safety by a staggering percentage, and are recommended for any situation where not being seen poses a significant safety risk.