Shield your Eyes from More than the Sun with Edge Safety Glasses

We rely on our sight more than any other sense in order to do our daily activities. Our world is full of visual cues that alert us when to take an action and when to refrain. That’s why it’s so important to protect our eyesight. Working around power tools or heavy machinery can often result in dirt, dust and debris being kicked up into the air. These present a real danger to our eyes. With Edge safety glasses you can keep your eyes free of these airborne hazards and protect your vision.


In addition to keeping physical objects from damaging the eye, Edge safety glasses can also protect the eye from the unseen dangers of ultraviolet radiation. If you spend hours working outdoors in the bright sunlight, the sun can take its toll on your eyes. It’s important to wear eye protection that can filter UVA and UVB light and protect your vision from permanent retinal damage.


Unlike traditional sunglasses that may filter out ultra violet radiation, Edge safety glasses are made from an ultra impact resistant material that is ANSI certified and impact tested to stand up to anything you can throw at them. They also feature a scratch resistant finish to keep your view clear of scuffs and scratches. 


No matter what kind of work you do, if you spend long periods of time outdoors in the bright sun these safety glasses can offer you all round eye protection. SafetyGear Online offers Edge safety glasses in a variety of styles to suit your individual needs. Whether you enjoy a heavy framed pair of glasses, a mirrored lens, or a minimalist frameless design, there is a style of Edge glasses that are right for you.


Don’t wait until you have a close call before you start wearing a durable pair of safety sunglasses. Your vision is too important to gamble with. A pair of safety glasses should be a part of your regular safety gear. Shop our selection of Edge safety glasses today to find the perfect pair of glasses to keep you safe, and ensure your vision is sharp for years to come.