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  1. SJ210B-3ZOS Bomber Jacket Fleece Orange - Front
    CLOSE OUT - Deluxe 3-in-1 Bomber Jacket - Size 5XL
    SKU: SJ210B-3ZOS (5XL)
    As low as $49.20
  2. SJ410B-3ZGS Parka Fleece Lime - Front
    CLOSE OUT - Weatherproof 3-in-1 Parka
    SKU: SJ410B
    As Low As $79.60
  3. CLOSE OUT - Hooded Sweatshirt
    CLOSE OUT - Hooded Sweatshirt
    SKU: SJ01
    As Low As $32.10
  4. ST21UV - Lime & Orange
    CLOSE OUT - Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. ANSI Class II T-Shirt
    CLOSE OUT Class 2 T-Shirt
    SKU: SSETP2-O-Orange/ SSETP2-Y-Lime
    As Low As $9.76
  6. Hi Viz T-Shirt
    CLOSE OUT Hi Viz T-Shirt
    SKU: SSTP0-O-Orange/SSTP0-Y-Lime
    As Low As $11.52
  7. Mesh T-Shirt ANSI Class II - Orange
    CLOSE OUT Mesh T-Shirt Class 2
    As Low As $15.19
  8. ANSI Class II Long Sleeve T-shirt - Front
    CLOSE OUT - ANSI Class II Long Sleeve T-shirt
    SKU: LST2-Y
    As Low As $13.79
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Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the kind of products you need to keep yourself safe and comfortable while on the job site. Therefore, every so often we update this particular page with the items that we are currently offering at a discounted price. The items on this site can range from products such as high visibility jackets or safety vests. These closeout items are at a great price and can help you keep your budget at a lower level.



We are constantly updating this page with the quantities of products that we have available for our outlet page.  Once they are ordered, they are ordered so it is important to check back frequently so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy savings. The other convenient aspect to the outlet page is that you can find singular items. Let's say you initially put in an order for ten safety jackets because you have ten workers on your crew. After a few weeks, you realize that in order to meet time targets you need one more crew member. On the outlet page, you can find that one additional Yellow Rain Jacket for your new hire, so you don't have to order in bulk when it isn't necessary. Remember to check back often!


NOTE: We have very limited quantities of most close-out items. Please call or use our online chat to find out what we have available. Call (800) 429-0954 opt 2.

"Close-Out items are NON-REFUNDABLE - NO RETURNS ACCEPTED - all Close-Out item sales are FINAL"