ML Kishigo Brilliant Series - SECURITY Public Safety Vest

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A quality SECURITY titled vest printed front and back. ANSI 107 Type P | Class 2 Compliant with 4-point breakaway feature. More info below.

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This reflective security vest is an ideal choice if you are a SECURITY person and need practical features to help you do your job more effectively.

Whether you’re a policeman, fireman, or security guard, you can’t go wrong with an ML Kishigo 400 PSV Brilliant Series Public Safety vest.

First responders and safety personnel that work right in the line of fire have a distinct demand for the right high visibility vest.  The appropriate safety features are essential for these professionals to do their job with some modicum of security.  This particular SECURITY reflective vest from ML Kishigo has all the features that police, fire officials and others need to be more effective on the job. Not only are the materials and reflective striping made for the job, this high visibility vest also features easy 4-point breakaway capabilities and four-season adjustability to accommodate the specific demands of these workers. Comes with a built-in storage pouch that allows you to conveniently fold vest away when not in use.

The 400 PSV Brilliant Series - Security Vest

Made by M.L. Kishigo (Manuf Part# 4007BZ)

Performance Features:

  • Ultra-Cool™ 100% mesh back
  • Lightweight solid polyester front material
  • 4-point breakaway
  • Size adjustability to allow for a comfortable fit over bulky clothes
  • 2 - 1" wide high-performance reflective material with contrasting fabric
  • Brilliant Trim continuous reflective edging
  • 1 Left shoulder mic tab holder
  • SECURITY title printed front/Left and Right (vertical)
  • SECURITY title printed lower back (horizontal)
  • ANSI 107 Type R | Class 2 Compliant


  • 1 Pencil/pen pocket located on left chest area
  • 1 Lower inside Patch Pocket (serves as a storage pouch when vest not in use)
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