Save Money and Stay Safe with an eFlare

There are certain tools that are an indispensible part of automotive safety, and an eFlare is certainly one of them. These special electronic flares were developed with the intention of replacing traditional chemical flares used by emergency responders. An eFlare can help direct traffic in an emergency, or alert passing motorists to an obstruction or a disabled vehicle.


Unlike traditional flares that burn down in a matter of minutes, an eFlare lasts for hours and can be reused many times. That’s because eFlares are battery operated. This means they have the potential to save a considerable amount of money. Despite being battery powered and operating using only simple LEDs, the eFlare is surprisingly bright. In fact, an eFlare is just as bright as a traditional flare and can easily be seen from over half a mile away.


eFlares offer many distinct advantages over traditional flares, making them an ideal choice for law enforcement, road crews and more. Because an eFlare can be reused many times, it doesn’t require the same ongoing cost of having to restock flares. After the initial investment of purchasing the electronic flares, the only additional cost is replacing the batteries, and with their incredibly long operational life, even this cost is minor when factored over the life of the flare.


If you work in a location that relies on lights or flares to direct traffic, eFlares are an ideal. They are not only easy to use and inexpensive to maintain, they are also environmentally safe. An electronic flare does not require the same chemicals to manufacture nor does it give off the odorous fumes of a traditional flare. Because eFlares do not require any form of combustion, their safe operation also prevents accidental injuries or burns. 


eFlares also have a variety of mounting options. These versatile flares can be clipped onto clothing or signs. They can be magnetically mounted to a metal surface. There is even a special rubber base designed to keep an eFlare upright on a roadway. No matter where you’re using an eFlare there is a convenient way to prominently display its bright beacon. Shop SafetyGear Online’s selection of eFlares and eFlare accessories today!