Safety in All Conditions with High Visibility Clothing

Having a workplace safety plan can be one of the most important things you do for your workers. The use of a safety plan can minimize accidents and injuries that would have otherwise occurred on the job. A safety plan includes a to-do list of safety evaluations and precaution steps to maximize the attention that your workers are paying to safety hazards. One of the most important would be high visibility clothing. The best outfits have been approved, not only, by OSHA, but also by workers that now have the ability to flex and move in their clothing. Here are some of the most popular styles when it comes to high visibility clothing:

  • High Visibility T-Shirts – The most basic choice in high visibility clothing can sometimes be the best choice. Many jobs that require safety gear are in climates that would be uncomfortable in regular clothing. Fabric is the most important when it comes to the overall comfort of the garment. When designing the clothing, stretch is added to provide extra give for accessibility to perform all of the tasks required. 100% Polyester is also important to wick away moisture and provide UV Protection. Shirts should have a minimum of 50+ SPF for the safety of any worker that spends any amount of time in the direct rays of the sun. If possible, locate t-shirts that have extra reflective taping to add greater safety standards by providing increased visibility. Options
  • High Visibility Pants – ANSI Class E visibly pants are standard for working with safety standards in mind. Pants made of polyester will have the ability to wick away moisture and be a breathable material for comfort. Reflective strips are also a must for high visibility pants. When combining a Class E pant with a Class 2 or Class 3 coat or vest, it will bring the whole outfit to a Class 3 classification. High Visibility Pants can also be made out of mesh or solid fabric. Mesh is good for hot weather to allow a more comfortable fit. Solid fabrics will be best for water-proofing for cold or wet climates.

A workplace safety plan is essential for any job to minimize work accidents or injuries. High visibility clothing is the first priority for following your safety plan. The outfits should not just be OSHA approved, but also approved by workers.