Flame Resistant Vests

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  1. SV92-2VOSFR & 2VGSFR Lime Orange Front
    Modacrylic FR Basic Series ANSI Class II
    SKU: SV92-2VGSFR-Lime/SV92-2VOSFR-Orange
    As Low As $65.49
  2. SV92J-2VGS Modacrylic 10 Cal Jersey Lime - Front
    Modacrylic FR Jersey Series ANSI Class II
    SKU: SV92J-2VGS
    As Low As $56.65
  3. SV92AS-2VGM Modacrylic 5.1 Cal Fire Resistant Lime - Front
    Modacrylic FR Anti Static Series Mesh Class II
    SKU: SV92AS-2VGM
    As Low As $81.50
  4. FM389 Modacrylic Flame Resistant Mesh - Lime - Front
    ML Kishigo Breathable Mesh FR Vest
    SKU: FM389
    As Low As $77.90
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Innovative Flame-Resistant (FR) Vests

While on the job site, there are certain times where fire can become a concern. A construction site can be stressful enough and you shouldn’t have to worry about an article of your clothing catching on fire. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be beneficial to wear a FR Safety Vest. Flame resistant safety vests are ideal while working with equipment that produces sparks such as ARC Welders, grinders, sharpeners, or concrete saws. Flame resistant vests are used by workers who often find themselves in environments that necessitate defense against arc flash and flames as well as low visibility. These circumstances make FR vests the best choice for anyone working near anything that could start a job site fire such as sparks or high heat. Warning! You should not rely on these vests for guarding against fire. FR vests are made fire resistant, not fireproof. You should consider other safety measures as well, such as those mandated by the NFPA, ASTM, or OSHA.

High Visibility - modacrylic fabric

FR Safety Vests from SafetyGear Online are made with Modacrylic flame resistant material which makes it less likely for an errant spark to catch fire if it lands on your vest.  Although most FR-treated fabrics are disposed to melting, Modacrylic fabric does not melt.  In addition, Modacrylic fabric retains the fluorescent dyes in the material while keeping the wearer safe from arcs, heat, and flash fires.  As of 2010, these vests are required to land within a minimum; 1 of 7 ASTM or NFPA test procedures.  So, if a manufacturer wants to label their high visibility vests as FR rated, they must satisfy one of the 2010 Standard FR tests.  These flame-resistant safety vests are also rated Class 2 ANSI compliant.  So, along with the flame-resistant protection, you will remain easy to see by your co-workers and passing motorists while on site.  We can also custom screen print on these FR high visibility vests, to clearly display your company’s name or other identification.

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