Class 2 Safety Vests

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  1. ANSI Class II Breakaway Vest
    ANSI Class II Breakaway Vest
    SKU: SV46G-Lime/SV46O-Orange
    As Low As $19.98
  2. ANSI Class II Surveyor Vest
    ANSI Class II Surveyor Vest
    SKU: SV7G-Lime/SV7O-Orange
    As Low As $13.96
  3. SV92J-2VGS Modacrylic 10 Cal Jersey Lime - Front
    Modacrylic FR Jersey Series ANSI Class II
    SKU: SV92J-2VGS
    As Low As $56.65
  4. SV92-2VOSFR & 2VGSFR Lime Orange Front
    Modacrylic FR Basic Series ANSI Class II
    SKU: SV92-2VGSFR-Lime/SV92-2VOSFR-Orange
    As Low As $65.49
  5. FM389 Modacrylic Flame Resistant Mesh - Lime - Front
    ML Kishigo Breathable Mesh FR Vest
    SKU: FM389
    As Low As $77.90
  6. SV92AS-2VGM Modacrylic 5.1 Cal Fire Resistant Lime - Front
    Modacrylic FR Anti Static Series Mesh Class II
    SKU: SV92AS-2VGM
    As Low As $81.50
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Our ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests

Quality | Durability | Reliability | Safety |  At SafetyGear Online, we don’t compromise on any of these values, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable safety equipment for workers of all trades.  The right safety vest means the difference between having a smooth-running, successful workday and… well, a not-so-great one.  We’ve engineered our product to ensure that you stand out on the job (in more ways than one).  Designed for those who work in environments where clearly being seen is critical, stay protected and reflected with our selection of ANSI-certified class 2 safety vests.  Individuals who wear class 2 safety vests are more likely to stay safe on the job or around moving vehicles while working. In addition, the high visibility characteristics helps others in the vicinity see you better (when wearing your vest), safeguarding their well-being also. We take no chances when it comes to the equipment we provide, and with SafetyGear Online’s selection, you’ll feel confident about your safety on the job.

ANSI-certification and quality assurance

An ANSI-certified product means it has been cleared by the American National Standards Institute for color, coverage and reflectivity.  The class 2 vests are intended for workers who operate in low-visibility environments but are required for those working near oncoming traffic and alongside traffic under 50 mph day and night.  High-visibility colors and reflective materials also provide an additional margin of safety during inclement weather conditions and public safety emergencies, as well as around traffic hazards and at construction sites.  Each of our class 2 safety vests contain a minimum of 201 square inches of reflective tape in addition to the minimum 775 square inches of durable, light-catching material.  The location of the class 2 safety vest reflective material is also controlled. A reflective stripe that runs around the whole girth of the torso is required. This band needs to be visible to others from all angles. Additional stripes that run vertically from the horizontal stripe in the front, over the shoulders, to the horizontal stripe in the back are required. All class 2 safety vests are required to satisfy these regulations to be safe while working. The material comes in a choice of two high-visibility colors, orange and lime, typically referred to as “HiVis.”  The vests have ample pocket space for a phone, two-way radio, tools, or other accessories you’ll need to have at hands reach while on the job. More information on the American National Standards Institute’s quality and safety standards can be found on their website.  For safety vest options with more coverage, check out our selection of class 3 safety vests.

Other safety equipment options

Our offerings extend beyond our ANSI-certified class 2 safety vests and the ANSI-certification guarantee remains consistent across the entire product line. Shop here for our full selection of safety vests, such as incident command vests, enhanced visibility vests, flame resistant vests, class 3 safety vests and more.  Our apparel options also include safety glasses, gloves and head-protection equipment for those working in particularly hazardous conditions, such as construction work.  To ensure that your presence on the scene is not just known, but your role is understood, we offer screen printing services so your team can operate with highly visible, custom safety vests. No matter what type of work you do, our diverse range of quality safety gear and equipment will cover and protect you from head to toe so you can focus completely on the job at hand. 

Have a question or need a recommendation? Our team of industry-experienced professionals can point you in the right direction to meet your specific needs.  Give us a call at 1.800.429.0954 and we’ll help you find the equipment that’s right for you, your work and your safety.  Stay up to date on industry updates, helpful tips and more by following our blog.

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