Safety Vests

Our safety vests enhance visibility and increase worker safety. Our selection includes: Safety Vests, Incident Command Vests, Economy Vests, Surveyor Vests, Public Safety Vests, and ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 reflective safety vests.

Safety Vests

Safety vests play an important role in keeping you and your team safe in emergency situationspublic events, and traffic crossings. Make sure your team members are quickly identifiable by fellow group members and civilians seeking assistance in any situation. The safety vests from SafetyGear Online enhance visibility and increase worker safety across projects in all industries. Our selection includes safety vests, incident command vests, economy vests, surveyor vests, public safety vests, and ANSI-certified Class 2 or Class 3 reflector vests. 

Custom Screen-Printed Safety Vests or Laminated Inserts


Ask our customer service team about custom screen printing on a variety of basic safety vest styles. Apply the logo of your organization to clearly distinguish yourself from other groups and serve as a beacon to those seeking assistance from your team. To purchase, browse personalized screen printing styles and add the correct style, size, and quantity to your cart before moving on to customizable options. 


SafetyGear Online also provides custom laminated inserts that enable you to quickly identify team members or serve as an obvious point of contact for members of the public seeking help or information.  


Class 3 Vests


A Class 3 safety vest is designed to provide the most visibility and reflective coverage possible. The Class 3 vests from SafetyGear Online are ideal for those who work directly near busy traffic in road crews and professionals working as surveyors, emergency first responders, and more. 


Class 2 Vests


A Class 2 vest is designed with slightly less coverage for those working near roads and are appropriate for public safety workers, airport baggage handlers, or low-traffic-area road crews. SafetyGear Online offers styles with pockets, zipper pulls, and other convenient features. 


Public Safety


Public safety vests help your organization keep the peace and assist the public with a high-visibility yellow background and reflective taping. SafetyGear Online supplies local and state safety organizations, so our designs include vests with block lettering to clearly identify sheriffs, police, and fire safety professionals. 


Incident Command


Incident command vests are an easy and effective way to organize and identify teams of all sizes in low visibility or long-distance conditions and large crowdsSafetyGear Online offers a selection of colors to designate one or more groups during emergency situations, complete with easy front zipper designs and optionally laminated tiles to print names, organizations, or titles in large block lettering. 


Flame Resistant


Flame resistant safety vests offer some peace of mind when working on a construction site or in another hazardous area. These high-visibility vests are ideal for anyone working with or near equipment that produces flames or sparks, from welders to concrete saws. Our FR vests at SafetyGear Online are made with a modacrylic flame-resistant material and carry an ANSI 107 Type R - Class 2 Compliance rating for your protection. 


Non-rated Vests


Non-rated safety vests still play an important role in some situations. A non-rated safety vest is still highly visible, which makes them suitable for directing traffic in parking lots, neighborhoods, and other very low-speed areas, less than 5 MPH, or pedestrian-only zones. 


Enhanced Visibility


When a regular safety vest isn’t distinct enough, SafetyGear Online’s enhanced visibility vests offer incident command design characteristics to grab attention. Our enhanced visibility vests are available in multiple colors and come with or without laminate ID cards that provide quicker identification for fellow group members or passerby. 



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