Safety Vest with Pockets for Organization

Working in any field requires at least some level of organization. Though the degrees of necessity may vary, it is essential to know where and how to access important documents or tools vital to daily task execution. Imagine being a surgeon or mechanic not knowing where your implements are, or working in an office setting and being unaware of the location of crucial documents. You simply would not be able to do your job, at least not in a timely fashion. In certain instances, time is of the essence. For those of us that work in construction or traffic and public safety, having the luxury of static organizational tools is a rarity. Most jobs in these fields are highly mobile, and largely on foot. In these instances, organization tools must be compact, portable, and easily accessible. One must truly think “out of the box”. Construction and safety workers already wear vests, so why not simplify things by utilizing a safety vest with pockets?


Fashion occasionally follows function. Think of things like cargo pants or carpenter jeans. The names alone, particularly in the jeans, are taken right from what these articles of clothing are intended to assist with. Carpenter jeans have extra pockets that are specially designed to hold tools, like hammers or pliers. Similarly, a safety vest with pockets is designed with that organization on the go in mind.


Depending on your own job and that business’ safety and function needs, there are different vests with different numbers and sizes of pockets. Safety Gear Online makes it easy for you to choose the right vest for the job. Our vests are labeled with specific jobs or ANSI safety standards in mind, and we even have icons that indicate the number of pockets on each vest. For example, an engineer’s vest may be a bit more heavy duty and have as many as seven pockets to hold important directions, blueprints, writing utensils and tools, whereas a vest intended for traffic safety may just have two pockets and be made of a lighter, mesh material. No matter your need, can fulfill it. Order your safety vest with pockets today!