Safety Vest with Pockets: Keep Yourself Handy

Many times when it comes to roadwork or utility repairs, those required to do the work are placed very close to a roadway. This can be dangerous as passing motorists drive through the work zone. More often than not, rather than close an entire road, only a single lane is closed so that traffic can continue to move unimpeded. Although this is convenient so that a whole road isn't completely blocked off, this also means that the work zone space is limited, which will extend all of your equipment along the length of the lane that you are working in. This is why you can find a Safety Vest with Pockets here at


For Tools

If you're working on the kind of project that requires several different smaller tools, then the last thing you want to do is to keep carrying them around the work zone. For example:  Let's say that you're fixing the electrical lines to a street light on a busy highway. Since you have a few lights to fix your work truck is a few hundred yards away. You don't want to have to keep your hands full or walk all the way back to the truck each time you need a new tool. A Safety Vest with Pockets keeps everything you need with you, while freeing up your hands all at the same time. Let's not also forget that many of these vests are ANSI compliant, which means they will keep you easy to see by passing drivers.


For Documents

Did you ever arrive at your designated work space and weren't quite sure what your assignment was based on the description? Maybe you needed a blueprint or other diagram to illustrate what area of the road or what utility you'd be working on? A Safety Vest with Pockets gives you a place to keep important documents, such as permits, diagrams, and so forth as you go about your work. This way, you always have quick reference to important documents. A Safety Vest with Pockets can also be an excellent place to keep your hunting tags if you chose to wear one as a hunting safety vest.


So explore the various options available to you when it comes to a Safety Vest with Pockets. If you want to be seen, hands free, and efficient, then head on over to to see our inventory.