Safety Tips for Employees Working in Road Construction

The majority of fatalities that happen in road construction work areas are the result of motorists colliding with workers. The causes range, from driving too fast, fatigue, distraction, poor visibility, and impatience. Road-side work zones can be very dangerous, which is why safety precautions should always be taken to prevent any unnecessary accidents.


Have a Safety Plan

Every job site should have a safety plan in place that’s specifically designed for that site. Such a plan should include ways to identify dangers, conducting first aid, and training in safety precautions. Ensure that you’re familiar with the plan, and make such information readily available to each and every worker on site.


Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

The right gear should always be worn on the job to fully protect all workers. Such gear should include gloves, hard hats, hi vis safety clothing, and steel-toed boots. There is a reason why specific gear is recommended, which is why it’s always necessary for all workers to adhere to the regulations.

It’s critical to be visible to other workers and motorists to avoid accidents. Hi vis safety clothing should be bright yellow, orange, or green, and feature reflective material, especially when working at night.


Be Alert at All Times

Staying alert is very important to being aware of your surroundings. Workers should never be close to equipment that’s in motion, and should never turn their backs to or walk behind equipment that is currently being used. There are always blind spots for equipment, so it’s important to know what and where these are and avoid standing in them.


Keep Hydrated

If it’s hot out and the sun is beaming down, it’s important to stay hydrated. The asphalt that workers are surrounded by will be a lot warmer compared to the air temperature, which makes it much easier to become overheated and dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps prevent heat strokes.