Worker Apparel for Changing Weather: Safety Sweatshirts & Other Items

Those that work outdoors face a number of challenges when it comes to weather. During the summer months, the heat of the sun bears down strong, making conditions nearly unbearable. Then comes winter, with temperatures that hover near or below freezing, rendering work not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous. Plus, the precipitation—rain, snow, sleet—can wreak havoc on productivity.


Spring and fall often represent lovely times in the outdoor worker’s calendar. Temperatures are proverbially “just right.” But, again, here’s the rub. Sometimes, in the spring and fall, it can be frosty in the morning and downright toasty in the afternoon. Investing in safety sweatshirts, lined vests, and other safety apparel can be your salvation.


Safety sweatshirts that coordinate with your crew’s color combinations are readily available and have features you’ll love. Safety Gear Online has both hooded and crew neck safety sweatshirts in fluorescent colors with high visibility striping. This makes it easy to start your day with a crew in safety sweatshirts, then transition to the safety vests in the afternoon.


As an alternative to safety sweatshirts, you can consider the fleece-lined vests. Adding warmth to your core is great for staying warm, and again, they can easily be swapped as the sun rises high in the sky for the more lightweight alternatives.


Most safety sweatshirts and warm weather safety vests have features similar to the polyester vests, so that you’ll never have to worry about choosing a safety apparel item for comfort. Additionally, choosing a safety sweatshirt over simply wearing a standard vest over a regular sweatshirt may offer greater flexibility and range of motion, which is essential to many safety jobs.


SafetyGear Online has a nice selection of safety sweatshirts and other safety apparel items to help you do your job better and more effectively.