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  1. Apocalypse Safety Glasses by Radians
    Apocalypse Safety Glasses
    SKU: AP-Apocalypse
    As Low As $3.48
  2. Sequel Safety Glasses by Radians
    Sequel Safety Glasses
    SKU: RS-Sequel
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  3. Atac Safety Glasses by Radians
    Atac Safety Glasses
    SKU: AT-Atac
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  4. Mirage Safety Glasses by Radians
    Mirage Safety Glasses
    SKU: MR-Mirage
    As Low As $1.25
  5. Infinity Safety Glasses by Radians
    Infinity Safety Glasses
    SKU: IN-Infinity
    As Low As $4.51
  6. Journey Safety Glasses by Radians
    Journey Safety Glasses
    SKU: JR-Journey
    As Low As $2.57
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When it comes to eye protection, there is no reason to take it lightly. Your sense of sight is so precious that it is difficult to imagine what life would be like without being able to see. You only have two eyes, so it is imperative to keep them safe. Proper eye safety is as simple as wearing a pair of Radians safety glasses. This means that whether you are using a staple gun, a jackhammer, a power tool, or any kind of situation where debris can fly into the air, you should put on a comfortable pair of Radians safety glasses.

The Radians eyewear that you can find at SafetyGearOnline.com is of particular interest due to its ability to provide you with both protection and comfort. One of the main reasons that workers suffer eye injuries is because safety glasses are uncomfortable. They normally are large pieces of plastic that are made to fit anyone. When they don't fit properly, people just remove them out of frustration. These heavy duty safety glasses are not only ANSI rated but have been designed to be lightweight and comfortable. Protect your eyes with these ANSI rated safety glasses.