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We carry a wide variety of Safety Glasses, Sports Eyewear, Ballistic Eyewear, and even Pink Safety Glasses designed specifically for women in the workforce. Shop our name brand manufacturers including Radians, Remington, Edge, and PIP.

Protect Your Vision with Attractive and Durable Safety Glasses

When you’re working, it’s vital to keep your eyes protected from flying debris, irritants, and UV rays that can compromise your vision. SafetyGear Online carries the most trusted and safety-certified eye protection products so you can focus on the job at hand. We carry everything from anti-fog glasses to welding safety glasses that shield you from sparks and sunlight.  

Protect your eyes and look great when you choose from our selection of comfortable, lightweight, and sporty safety glasses from Edge Eyewear, Radians Eyewear, and Eva Eyewear. All of our impact-resistant glasses provide UV protection and are compliant with ANSI Z87.1 standards. Place an order for yourself or your whole crew today!  

Edge Eyewear 

With sleek designs and lenses that eliminate glare, Edge Eyewear ANSI Z87.1 rated safety glasses are trusted around the world for their protective properties. Choose from open or closed frames with clear or opaque polarized or non-polarized lenses in a variety of colors.  

We carry: 

  • Edge Baretti: Non-polarized lenses
  • Edge Kazbek: Polarized high-impact lenses
  • Edge Khor: Non-polarized lenses with dye protection 
  • Edge Reclus: Non-polarized anti-reflective lenses
  • Edge Brazeau: Non-polarized anti-reflective lenses 
  • Edge Dakura: Non-polarized lenses 

Backed up by rigorous testing and meeting ANSI and Military Ballistic MCEPS safety standards, you know you’re protecting your eyes from impact, shrapnel, and more when you wear Edge Eyewear. 

Radians Eyewear

Put on a pair of lightweight Radians Eyewear safety glasses, and you’ll hardly realize they’re there. These comfortable and sporty glasses provide full coverage protection suitable for any job. Polycarbonate lenses shield your eyes so you can always act with confidence and see what you’re doing. From anti-fog lenses to bifocals, eye protection from Radians is practical, economical, and comes in a variety of lens colors.  

SafetyGear Online carries ANSI Z87.1 rated Radians glasses, including: 

  • Mirage safety glasses: Wraparound glasses with anti-fog and foam-lined options
  • Sequel safety glasses: Anti-fog and bifocal options available 
  • Atac safety glasses: One-piece molded lens, 99.9% UV protection
  • Journey safety glasses: Four-position telescoping temples 
  • Apocalypse safety glasses: Soft rubber temples and nose piece; comes with a neck cord 
  • Infinity safety glasses: Wraparound frame with anti-fog options available

Whether you’re using a jackhammer or operating heavy machinery, your eye protection will always feel uncomfortable. Work hard and stay safe with Radians safety glasses. 

Eva Eyewear 

Designed to provide superior fit, protection, and style for women in the workforce, Eva safety glasses exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 impact requirements. These safety glasses allow you to take on any job knowing your vision is protected. With incredible impact resistance and lenses that block 99.9% of A and B UV rays, each pair of Eva glasses sports the breast cancer awareness symbol on one temple. Eva glasses also come in petite sizes with a narrower frame to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. Choose from either a pink or black design for a fit that flatters your face while keeping you safe. 

Superior Eye Protection Products

You only have two eyes, so do what you can to protect them. SafetyGear Online prioritizes your safety, which is why we carry impact-resistant safety glasses suitable for any job. Our ANSI-compliant eye protection products are so comfortable, you’ll never want to compromise your safety by taking them off. The days of uncomfortable, poor-fitting safety glasses are over. Look and feel great when you choose from our selection of safety glasses. Contact us today for more information or to place an order! 

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