Safety Clothing Makes Outdoor Jobs Safer

There is a limitless amount of problems that one can face on a job site. A crew can be short on supplies, deliveries can be delayed, and budget constraints can make completing a job tricky. But the most important issue that you can actively take on is safety. Safety clothing is the last line of defense against workplace injuries and a crucial piece of equipment for any crew member. When all else fails, you have to trust your safety clothing to protect you when things go wrong.

Falling equipment poses one of the biggest dangers to the ground crew, which makes it imperative to wear head protection. We carry hard hats that conform to ANSI Z89 with 1-2003 Standard, Type 1, and Class G & E in front or full brim and in 8 colors. Full body protection starts at the top and it’s essential to safeguard the most important part of your body.

The other vital piece of head protection is proper eye ware. Your eyes are one of the most vulnerable places on your body. From flying debris to dangerous UV rays from the sun, you need to protect your eyes from any and all unforeseen dangers. We have a huge selection of OSHA approved eye ware in many shades and styles to keep your eyes safe.

If you’re on a site near a road, which is more often than not, you have to be able to be seen by motorists. You could be working day or night in any weather condition, so it’s important to be prepared with the proper safety clothing for your body. Our abundant selection of high visibility clothing will prepare you for any scenario.

High visibility jackets and sweatshirts will keep you warm during the coldest months and hi viz t-shirts will keep you seen in the sweltering heat. And don’t forget about high visibility rain gear for when bad weather strikes. When the job needs to get done and Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, you’ll be ready to face whatever she throws at you.

Leg wear is another pivotal piece of safety clothing that should not be overlooked. If you’re working with heavy machinery or you’re on your back as much as you’re on your feet, high visibility pants maximize safety. Easy to wear and easy to see, our hi viz pants will work for any crew.

Browse our selection of safety clothing for full body protection against accidents and the elements and make avoiding workplace injuries your number one priority.