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  1. ML Kishigo 9134 & 9135 - ANSI Class 3 Orange
    Black Series Long Sleeve T-Shirt - ANSI Class 3
    SKU: 9134-Lime / 9135-Orange
    As Low As $36.18
  2. Black Series
    ML Kishigo Black Series T-shirt
    SKU: 9114-Lime / 9115-Orange
    As Low As $27.31
  3. PIP Class 3 Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    PIP Class 3 Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    SKU: CNTSPLY-Lime / CNTSPOR-Orange
    As Low As $13.19
  4. Radians ST11 - ANSI Class 2 Tshirt - Orange & Lime
    ST11 ANSI Class 2 T-Shirt
    SKU: ST11-2PGS-Lime/ST11-2POS-Orange
    As Low As $10.47
  5. ANSI Class 3 - ST21-3PGS-Lime & Orange
    ST21 Max-Dri Long Sleeve Class 3 T-shirt
    SKU: ST21-3PGS-Lime/ST21-3POS-Orange
    As Low As $17.45
  6. ML Kishigo Short Sleeve Microfiber T-Shirt
    ML Kishigo Short Sleeve Microfiber T-Shirt
    SKU: 9124-Lime
    As Low As $13.97
  7. ST24 - Lime & Orange
    ST24 UV Long Sleeve T-Shirt - ANSI Class 3
    SKU: ST24-3PGS-Lime/ST24-3POS-Orange
    As Low As $28.43
  8. PIP 312-1350B  ANSI Class 2 Long Sleeve Black Bottom T-shirt - Lime and Orange
    PIP Class 2 Long Sleeve Black Bottom T-shirt
    SKU: T2-1350BL-Lime / T2-1350BO-Orange
    As Low As $13.38
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Choosing the Right HiVis T-shirt is Very Important

When we think of times when you need to be sure that you are easily visible while on the job site, we usually think about times when there is snow, rain, or when it is getting dark.  On a nice hot and sunny day in the middle of the summer, being seen is usually not one of the foremost concerns that comes to mind.  This is not necessarily true.  When the sun is high in the sky, it can be more of a problem for motor vehicle operators as the bright light and harsh reflections can be just as dangerous as other adverse weather conditions.


Visibility is top priority in many lines of work, in which case a high visibility T-shirt might be required. The majority of these T-shirts are either ANSI class 2 or 3 and are required to observe stringent standards for safety. If you are a baggage handler, on a survey crew, or a crossing guard, a class 2 would be your correct choice. However, if you work near high-speed traffic, you will need a class 3 shirt. We carry both long and short sleeve shirts. Does sleeve length matter? Actually, yes it matters. You might think you would need a short sleeve shirt in the hot sun; however, our long sleeve shirts will do a better job of protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun. Color is important if your employer or some ordinance says it is important, in which case, bright orange or yellow are the most common choices. All our high visibility T-shirts are made with a moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry, and some even come with 40+ or 50+ UV protection. We are sure to have something you will feel comfortable with.


But when you're sweltering, it can be uncomfortable to wear extra gear to just increase your visibility.  That's why if you were to be wearing one of our high visibility t-shirts, you would be able to work in both safety and comfort.  Some of the high visibility t-shirts we offer come with reflective stripes which makes them officially ANSI Class 2 compliant.  We even have safety t-shirts that are made from a mesh material that allows you to have more breathability and comfort while you work.  No matter what the temperature is while you work, our high visibility reflective t-shirts will help make sure you are seen, to be safe and be comfortable at the same time.


Some of our Hi Vis safety t-shirts are even made of an extremely breathable mesh material for those extremely hot days.  No matter where you are working in our beautiful United States, these shirts hit all regulations for visibility while keeping workers happy.  When you are scheduled to work on the side of an interstate for a construction road company, you don’t really have a choice about your shielding from the hot sun.  Most jobs outside don’t provide substantial coverage for workers so direct sunlight is just a factor they all have to deal with.  Make your workday more tolerable with our high visibility t-shirts!


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