High Visibility Rain Gear

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  1. RWJ102 LIME  Rain Jacket
    ML Kishigo Storm Cover Rainwear Jackets
    SKU: RWJ102-Lime | RWJ103-Orange
    As Low As $61.31
  2. RWP102 Lime ML Kishigo Rain Pants
    ML Kishigo Rain Pants
    SKU: RWP102-Lime / RWP103-Orange
    As Low As $23.76
  3. ANSI Class E Rain Pants - Front
    ANSI Class E- Heavy Duty Rain Pants
    SKU: RW32-EZ1Y
    As Low As $85.17
  4. Waterproof Windbreaker w/Mesh Lining C3WIN5001
    Waterproof Windbreaker w/Mesh Lining
    SKU: 5001BC
    As Low As $50.91
  5. ANSI Class E Rain Pants - Front
    ANSI Class E - General Purpose Rain Pants
    SKU: RW30-ES1Y
    As Low As $49.33
  6. RW110
    ML Kishigo Class 3 Rainwear Set
    SKU: RW110-Lime | RW111-Orange
    As Low As $59.75
  7. RWJ106 Lime
    ML Kishigo Premium Black Series Rain Jacket
    SKU: RWJ106-Lime / RWJ107-Orange
    As Low As $133.98
  8. ANSI Class III Heavy Duty Rain Jacket - Front
    Heavy Duty Rain Jacket
    SKU: RW32-3Z1Y
    As Low As $106.91
  9. Heavy Weight Rainsuit
    Heavy Weight Rainsuit
    SKU: 7040-SD
    As Low As $10.56
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13 Items

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Rain Gear that is High Visibility and More...

Are you on a construction work crew? Have you ever had to work at a job site while it was raining or snowing? If so, you know how difficult and unpleasant it is to try to coordinate with your crew, use tools, make precision cuts, and so forth while you are standing in the rain. Let's not forget how the weight of a garment can increase significantly when thoroughly soaked through. The same is true for those who are on Emergency Response Team. Trying to sort out a car crash is hard enough by itself, let alone attempting to do so in a rainstorm or heavy snow. Traffic will want to keep moving, so you not only need to stay dry, but also be visible.

Looking for More than Just Staying Dry...

Many workers look for more in their rain gear than waterproofing alone. They look for safety and therefore rain gear that has high-visibility colors and reflective materials. Inclement weather can make working out in the elements perilous in various ways. This is particularly factual when doing road work or construction. Bad weather multiplies these perils because wet weather has adverse effects on one’s vision, braking distance, and response time. Frankly, high-visibility rain gear can save lives in bad weather and therefore is crucial gear for those who, even infrequently, work out in the elements. It’s the bright colors and reflective materials that will make you stand out when the weather is making it hard to see well. We carry pants, overalls, and jackets separately and in different designs, just in case you need an individual item or want to mix and match items to get a whole suit. We also carry already matched suits. You never know when the weather could make a turn for the worse.

We Have You Covered with High Visibility and Waterproof Gear.

This is why you should investigate the possibility of high visibility rain gear. Take this ANSI Class 3 Rain Jacket for instance. It was designed to keep you visible, dry, and warm throughout a variety of weather scenarios. If you are trying to work or respond to an emergency situation, and you are distracted because of the weather, then it will be hard to accomplish your goals. When you are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you, you can more efficiently do your job while keeping yourself safe. Find the safety rain jackets, suits, and pants you need to get the job done in our selection of ANSI rain gear above.

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