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  1. RWP102 Lime ML Kishigo Rain Pants
    ML Kishigo Rain Pants
    SKU: RWP102-Lime / RWP103-Orange
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  2. ANSI Class E Rain Pants - Front
    ANSI Class E- Heavy Duty Rain Pants
    SKU: RW32-EZ1Y
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  3. ANSI Class E Pants
    ML Kishigo ANSI Class E Pants
    SKU: 3107-Orange/3108-Lime
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  4. ANSI Class E Rain Pants - Front
    ANSI Class E - General Purpose Rain Pants
    SKU: RW30-ES1Y
    As Low As $49.33
  5. RW110
    ML Kishigo Class 3 Rainwear Set
    SKU: RW110-Lime | RW111-Orange
    As Low As $59.75
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Add ANSI Class E Pants for Maximum Visibility

When you are working with power machinery or heavy equipment, one of the most important aspects of safety you can observe is the visibility of your work crew.  The last thing you want to happen is to accidentally injure a co-worker simply because they were difficult to spot.  Therefore, the more visible you can make yourself, the safer everyone will be while on the job.  Most crews wear all kinds of safety apparel, but one garment that is usually not required is high visibility pants.  If you are looking to maximize your safety, then you may want to consider this kind of safety gear.


Working outside in inclement weather or good weather may necessitate protecting your whole body, including your lower half.  Our high visibility safety pants are ANSI Class E compliant.  Combine a class E garment with a class 2 garment and your whole outfit becomes Class 3 compliant.  Or you could pair a Class 3 safety vest with the pants, and you will have an outfit that greatly enhances your visibility while in low light conditions or bad weather.  They are made of hivis material that includes reflective stripes for better visibility.  These high visibility pants are highly useful to emergency responders, construction workers and road crews.


SafetyGearOnline.com provides you and your work crews with ANSI Class E high visibility pants.  These reflective safety pants are made out of a lightweight polyester mesh fabric that slip right over whatever pants you may be wearing.  All you need to do is tighten the drawstring and they will stay in place all day long.  Other features include reflective stripes near the bottom of the ANSI Class E pants to further increase visibility and two side pockets so that you can still carry around vital tools.