High Visibility Jackets

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  1. 3 Season Safety Jacket w/Fleece Lining
    3 Season Safety Jacket w/Fleece Lining
    SKU: 7000-Orange/7001-Lime
    As Low As $54.32
  2. ANSI Class 2 Fleece Lined Reversible Vests
    Fleece Lined Reversible Vest
    SKU: 8000-Orange/8001-Lime
    As Low As $36.14
  3. ML Kishigo Economy Bomber Jacket
    ML Kishigo Economy Bomber Jacket
    SKU: JS121-Lime/JS122-Orange
    As Low As $45.98
  4. ML Kishigo Premium Brilliant Series Bomber Jacket
    ML Kishigo Premium Brilliant Series Bomber Jacket
    SKU: JS119-Lime/JS120-Orange
    As Low As $103.08
  5. RWJ106 Lime
    ML Kishigo Premium Black Series Rain Jacket
    SKU: RWJ106-Lime / RWJ107-Orange
    As Low As $137.14
  6. JS140 & JS141 Parka
    ML Kishigo Premium Black Series Ripstop Parka
    SKU: JS140-Lime / JS141-Orange
    As Low As $126.99
  7. RW110
    ML Kishigo Class 3 Rainwear Set
    SKU: RW110-Lime | RW111-Orange
    As Low As $60.92
  8. ANSI Class III Heavy Duty Rain Jacket - Front
    Heavy Duty Rain Jacket
    SKU: RW32-3Z1Y
    As Low As $113.32
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Choose the HiVis Jacket that is Best for You...

If you work on a construction crew, you know that one of the major conditions you must address during the year is when the temperature starts to drop.  Being cold can not only slow down your productivity but can also be hazardous to your health.  Sometimes workers will purchase the jacket simply because they think it will keep them warm.  However, it is important to remember that the cold is not the only precaution you need to take during the winter months.  Workplace and roadside safety must still be observed no matter what the temperature is outside.  This is where our bright colored, High Visibility Safety Jackets come in to play.


Created in construction lime or construction orange, these High Visibility (HiVis) Jackets are ideal for roadside working conditions when temperatures drop to freezing or below.  These outerwear apparel pieces are made as optimal winter wear.  Not only do they excel at keeping all roadside workers warm, they are also very helpful during wet weather conditions.  Anyone who has worked outside during rain or snow knows just how difficult it can be to stay warm.  Not only does the moisture add to the extreme cold, but the water can soak into a normal jacket and make it very heavy and damp.   Obviously, this is not a condition anyone would like to be in when working outside for hours on end.  Our high visibility jackets are specifically designed for adverse weather conditions to keep your workers dry and warm.  This is an example of one of our most popular ANSI compliant High Visibility Winter Jackets.


Our Hi Vis jackets come in a broad range of styles including soft shell, windbreaker, bomber jacket, parka, reversible, pack-able pullover, 3-season, thick liner, fleece lining, rain wear and 2-in-1 body warmer.  Whether you are looking for a thick thermal safety jacket or a thin mesh lined rain jacket, our styles here at SafetyGear Online cover all the harsh weather bases.  Help improve your workday comfort in any temperature with a high visibility work coat or jacket.  Trust us, you won’t be sorry you made this type of outerwear investment.  Order yours today!


In addition to the above features, you can have your logo screen printed on yours or your employees’ jackets.  This identifies who your employees work for as well as keeping them highly visible, safe, and warm.  Maybe the best part, it will make your employees the envy of the job-site because of how good these jackets look.


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