Safety Apparel

High visibility Safety Clothing ensures others can see you while working in poor weather and low light conditions. Select from a wide variety of Safety Jackets, High Visibility T-shirts, ANSI Sweatshirts, Safety Raingear and more!

High Visibility Clothing 

High-visibility safety clothing is useful for protection in situations ranging from sports to emergencies. This type of safety apparel ensures others can see you while working in poor weather or low-light conditions. SafetyGear Online provides a wide selection of safety clothing including safety jackets, high-visibility T-shirts, ANSI-rated sweatshirts, safety rain gear, and more!

High-visibility Jackets 

When it’s cold, raining, or foggy, a simple reflective vest isn’t enough to protect the owner from oncoming traffic or construction equipment. Whether you choose to rely on our high-visibility jackets in times of cold, rain, or both, you’ll have options at SafetyGear Online. Choose from a variety of bright colors and various styles that incorporate practical features. Our styles include elastic waistbands, front and side zippered pockets, hoods, and other details that make working outside safer and more convenient. 

High-visibility Pants

On construction sites and other work areas, employees may be partially blocked from view by large pieces of equipment. If that’s a risk at your site, consider high-visibility pants to ensure everyone in the area can be clearly seen. Plus, you can choose waterproof overalls or suspender styles to improve protection and practicality in all conditions with our safety apparel.

High-visibility T-shirts

SafetyGear Online offers high-visibility and ANSI-rated T-shirts for warmer weather when bright sunshine can cause reflections and glare that make individuals harder to spot. Choose long sleeve or short sleeve safety clothing in bright colors finished with reflective tape or moisture-wicking sports designs to hold up to the toughest jobs. 

High-visibility Rain Gear

Rainy days increase the chances of an accident for all kinds of reasons, from slick roads to blinding reflections. If you or your team needs to be working on site, directing traffic, or outdoors in any capacity, high-visibility rain gear is crucial to staying safe. At SafetyGear Online, we have you covered from head to toe, with heavy-duty safety rain jackets featuring longer hemlines for more coverage, waterproof overalls and coveralls, full-body rain suits, and more.  

High-visibility Sweatshirts

On a cold day, a high-visibility sweatshirt in hivis lime or orange color is the perfect solution to staying warm without layering up in dark, low visibility colors. Our safety wear keeps you safe and warm. Frostbite, illness, and other threats of cold exposure are kept at bay with thermal layers in bright hivis colors for maximum visibility. State or local safety regulations all across the United States require this kind of high visibility gear no matter the weather conditions, so wearing a dark coat or hoodie simply isn’t an option to stay in compliance with regulations. 

Enhanced Visibility Gear

If you’re working on construction site several stories high, fall arrest gear is a must. SafetyGear Online goes above and beyond the basics, with all the safety-rated gear you need in high visibility colors and reflective tape. Our gear will ensure you can stay productive and focus on work with confidence and sturdy equipment. 

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