Why Choosing to Wear Hi Vis Rain Gear is Safe, Smart, & Comfortable

Whether you are a construction worker, a project manager, or someone who works in the outdoors all day long, having the proper safety equipment is crucial to doing your job correctly and keeping yourself and your team safe. When it comes to wet weather, such as hail, snow, or rain, you are going to want hi vis rain gear that keeps your crew and the tools you use safe and sound.


There is nothing worse than trying to manage a project while it is raining. If you get wet, not only can you become ill but it lowers the morale of those who are working.  Here are a couple reasons why you want to invest in hi vis rain gear for when the weather is a little less than perfect.  


Dark clouds - The dreary weather, especially when it is raining, can make it very difficult to see co-workers. By wearing reflective material like hi vis rain gear, you are better able to see everyone around you which increases your ability to stay safe.


Staying dry & quick - When rain gear gets soaked through, it can become extremely heavy making workers perform slower. Whether it’s because they’re colder and more uncomfortable while working or because the weight of the water in their non-water repellent coat is slowing them down, investing in hi vis rain gear for the whole team can help you stay dry and keep you moving efficiently.


Staying Visible to Others - You need to stay visible for those who are not part of your team. If you are working in an area where there is heavy traffic or where there are pedestrians, being visible is of the utmost importance.  This is extremely important for highway workers, regardless of the weather.


When looking for specific rain wear, getting any gear from the ANSI Class-3 Rain Jacket line is a great option as it is designed to keep the wearer dry, warm, and visible. It comes with multiple reflective strips, plus it is created in a yellow neon colour for the best visibility. By matching any of the jackets from this line with any of the ANSI Class-E high-visibility rain pants, you’re sure to stand out against the dreary weather. You can shop our whole line of hi vis rain gear today at SafetyGearOnline.com!