Road Workers Rely on a Class 2 Safety Vest to Stand Out

Throughout the spring and summer months it’s not uncommon to be slowed down by road construction. Highways and byways across the country are inundated with construction projects. It’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing orange cones and construction equipment. At Safety Gear Online we know how important it is for workers to be safe while working on busy roads. That’s why we offer a variety of high visibility safety gear including ANSI certified safety vests. A class 2 safety vest is one of the most common vests used by road crews throughout the warmer months.


A class 2 safety vest is designed for use on or near roadways where traffic does not exceed 50mph. These vests provide excellent visibility through the use of vibrant colors and reflective banding. It’s possible for motorists or machinery operators to see a person wearing a class 2 safety vests from far away, thus preventing accident before they happen. These vests are also great for times when the weather may decrease visibility, such as a rain storm or a foggy day.


Workers are advised to wear brightly colored safety clothing at all times when working in high traffic areas or around heavy equipment. Class 2 safety vests can even be spotted in rail yards or airports where the operators of large vehicles need to quickly identify people who may be walking around them. Being easily seen is the best way to avoid accidents.


In addition to keeping workers safe, class 2 safety vests can also help keep them organized. Many class 2 vests feature pockets, allowing workers to easily store pens, lights, small tools, two way radios, note pads and more. This is an ideal solution for workers who need to have quick access to items on the job site, saving time and increasing productivity.  


No matter where you find road work during the warm months, keep an eye out for the high visibility safety gear that workers rely on to stand out. Remember that the class 2 safety vest is just one of the many certified safety vests that grace the work zones across the country. SafetyGear Online is the source of the best prices and selection of safety gear. Shop our whole line of safety vests today to find the best deals!