Reflective Vests for Sports

In the world of sports, safety is incredibly important. Think of all the safety equipment professionals have to wear, or that you buy for yourself or your children in home leagues. There are helmets, face masks, mouth guards, chest plates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, shin guards, ankle wraps and even more! The one thing that may not always come to mind is reflective vests. Granted, such vests may not seem to serve much practical application in competitive, team, or contact sports, but also consider that there are other sports, some of which are individual, or take place at night. While they are not the only ones, runners and cyclists will probably have the most necessity and benefit from wearing reflective vests.


Some runners prefer to go out before the rises or after it sets, perhaps to avoid the heat, or for the inspirational views they may get while on their runs. No matter the reasoning, there’s one important thing to consider. Without the sun’s natural light illuminating everything, it gets harder to see in the dark! Think of the times you were driving and almost failed to see someone crossing the street or running alongside your vehicle. Many sneakers come with reflective materials now; however, that may not always be noticeable. Wearing a reflective vest over one’s clothing will make a runner much more visible, preventing unnecessary risk of accidents.


Cyclists face similar dangers. Even if they ride in daylight, some bicycle riders will ride along the side of the road. Some states mark roads with a lane for cyclists, but even then, they can be easy to miss for a driver. Reflective vests are an easy way to increase cyclist visibility. Like runner’s vests, they are made of a breathable mesh and are relatively lightweight and unrestrictive. They won’t weigh one down when cycling, which is an extra benefit for cyclists, who tend to prefer being as aerodynamic as possible.


A reflective vest can be beneficial for a number of other sports too, particularly those played at night, like ultimate Frisbee. No matter what sport you play, remember to be safe, and have fun!