Reflective T-Shirts: Keep Cool While You Work

Enhanced visibility apparel is technical term for clothing that is visible from distances, such as reflective t-shirts. OSHA requirements stipulate that you must wear highly visible upper garments if you work on road crew either for a street or highway, in construction, or you’re an emergency responder or a law enforcement officer. Many improvements in visibility apparel have occurred in the past 10 years, and reflective t-shirts are one of them.


Reflective T-Shirts vs. Reflective Vests

The biggest plus of reflective t-shirts is the two in one factor. Wearing a reflective vest, means having to wear a shirt underneath, which can be uncomfortable on really hot days. A reflective t-shirt is designed for warmer weather and meets the American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear (ANSI/SEA 107-2015). 


What Colors and How Many?

All reflective t-shirts come in bright yellow or orange. The reflective stripes run from all sides, and are visible for 1,000 feet and in darkness. Ensure the colors you’ve chosen contrast with the environment and make you stand out. Since reflective t-shirts aren’t pricey, pick up more than one to rotate on workdays.


The Technology Behind Reflective T-Shirts

Well-made reflective t-shirts are usually a polyester fiber with a moisture wicking mesh and include UV protection, up to 50 UPF.  They should provide maximum breathability and feel like a comfortable tee. Don’t forget to choose the right performance class rating of reflective t-shirts as well — either class 1, 2, or 3 — dependent on your job duties.


With the onset of more road crew work in the hot, summer months, be prepared by buying your cool reflective clothing and work shirts from SafetyGear Online. Our reflective t-shirts meet all regulations, allowing you to work in comfort and safety!